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A New Tool Hopes to Find Your Perfect Neighborhood

Neighborhood Match

Digested from “Neighborhood Match” Yardi (5/27/16) Rascón, Erica

Dating websites and applications like Tinder are a common way for people to search for potential partners, but what if you could search for a place to live in the same way?

PlaceILive, a portal launched by a team of young entrepreneurs, uses data to match new renters with the perfect New York City neighborhood.

Along with Internet Lister Service (ILS) information and reviews, users can input personal preferences like diversity and commuting options for the program to use to find the most suitable area from the 289 in its database.

Users will be able to navigate through a small summary of the 10 suggested neighborhoods with information like crime rate and nearby shops, which PlaceILive boasts as a key feature.

"When deciding where to live you need to take a lot into account," PlaceILive’s website states. "So you want everything you need to know at the right time at the right place."

In addition to generating profiles, PlaceILive allows users direct access to listing services to search for vacancies in those recommended areas.

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