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New Hampshire Protected Classes Bill Tabled for 2014

Classes Bill

CONCORD, N.H. – A bill that would have expanded the designation of protected classes to domestic violence victims and source of income recipients has been tabled indefinitely by a conference committee of New Hampshire House and Senate members.

Members of the Apartment Association of New Hampshire were vocal in their opposition to the bill, HB 1409, and worked tirelessly to educate legislators on its impact, if enacted. 

The House passed the bill by a vote of 147-141. The Senate amended the bill by replacing the original language to create a commission to study housing discrimination against individuals who receive housing assistance or who have been victims of domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault. The House did not concur with the Senate changes and a conference committee could not come to a consensus, thus tabling the bill for the remainder of the year. 

“We are pleased that the conference committee took into consideration testimony from all sides concerning this legislation. We agree with the committee’s decision to table the bill and look forward to continuing to update legislators on this issue,” said Tia Phillips, President of the Apartment Association of New Hampshire.

NAA affiliated associations are urged to be vigilant about attempts by state legislatures to expand protected classes in their area. 

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