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A New Color to Consider

New Color

Digested from Fast Company

If Pantone’s new offering is any indication, you should think about including this color, inspired in part by Silicon Valley, into your color lineup.

The next time you’re thinking about painting or decorating an apartment, you may want to consider metallics.

Earlier this month, Pantone announced that is introducing a new palette of colors, called Metallic Shimmers. Where’s the inspiration? Look in your hand (or pocket). It’s your phone.

“With the rise of soft, cloth-coated gadgets, it’s become clear that fashion and interior design are impacting consumer electronics,” writes Fast Company’s Mark Wilson. “But influence is a two-way street–and the design language of Silicon Valley is also influencing other design sectors.”

Wilson says Pantone’s 200-color Metallic Shimmers collection will range from “more traditional silvers and golds, to more aggressive purple sequin or blue diode.” In addition to the consumer electronics, Pantone is targeting company that makes consumer good, including the home furnishing industry, with its new metallics line.

“Since 1956, Pantone has been a color standardizer–the provider of a unified color language that underpins the things we buy, wear, and make,” Wilson writes. “More recently, Pantone has matured into a business built upon identifying and forecasting trends, too.”

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