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New Apartment Names Emphasize Experience and Lifestyle

Experience and Lifestyle

Digested from “Who names all these new apartment buildings?”
NBC King 5 News (7/27/15) Takeo, Ryan

Seattle has seen numerous apartment buildings go up of late, with interesting property names ranging from Hue to Juxt. These names are meant to trigger “an experience,” said Derek Lunde, director of marketing for Red Propeller, a Seattle-based real estate marketing firm.

Each name has a backstory. Juxt, for example, signifies the juxtaposition between technology and the outdoors and was named to attract Amazon employees to the building. And Hue was developed as a fashionable boutique for a design-savvy resident base. 

The names have attracted a fair degree of attention, but those who think they’re strange “might not be the target audience,” Lunde suggested.

What creative apartment names have you come across? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #aptnamedwhat.

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