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NAA's Comments on Model Landlord Tenant Law Resonating with Commissioners

Model Landlord Tenant

SEATTLE, Wash. – The National Apartment Association provided valuable input for the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) to consider on proposed revisions to the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) during its annual meeting recently in Seattle.  

NAA continues to work with the Uniform Law Commission in its process to update and make landlord tenant law uniform throughout the United States.  The URLTA, model landlord and tenant legislation, is codified in 21 states and has not been updated since 1972.

The NAA delegation included Joe Puckett, Director of Government Affairs of the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association, and Nicole Upano, Manager of NAA State and Local Government Affairs.  The delegation submitted written comments for the meeting, focusing on three areas of concern: (1) the complexity of the draft language, (2) the draft’s negative impact on rental housing affordability and availability and (3) proposed language that limits a rental housing provider’s ability to manage an apartment community effectively.  

A number of these points resonated with commissioners, particularly the need to address the complexity of the current draft’s language.  The letter echoed many of the concerns expressed by NAA affiliates, members and attorneys representing the industry during the four-month vetting process in 2013.

NAA is currently considering next steps for the URLTA drafting committee’s fall 2014 meeting and beyond. NAA plans to work with the affiliates to reach out to ULC commissioners and educate them on the unintended consequences created by the current draft.