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NAA Renews Calls for Rental Assistance Amid Vice Presidential Debate

Nicole Ryan
[email protected]

ARLINGTON, VA | October 7, 2020 – Statement from NAA President and CEO Bob Pinnegar:

As Sen. Kamala Harris indicated during tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, our nation’s renters are hurting, and that economic pain is rippling throughout the rental housing industry and jeopardizing the survival of an industry that houses 40 million Americans and supports 17.5 million jobs. Countless Americans, through no fault of their own, are unable to pay rent and rental housing providers have burned reserves trying to keep the lights on. Put simply, there are bills to pay and no money to pay them – we need robust, emergency rental assistance.

Robust rental assistance is the only policy that will keep people in their homes and ensure rental housing providers can pay their staff, taxes, maintenance costs, mortgages, utilities and other financial obligations. Without the availability of robust emergency rental assistance, the dominoes will continue to fall and, not only will entire communities be at risk of displacement, rent payment defaults will begin to undercut property tax revenues and local communities’ ability to keep up with essential services as the pandemic persists.  We need the next Administration, alongside Congress, to fulfill their responsibility to the American people and act. Only by addressing the issues created by COVID-19 can we begin to look forward to sustainable policies that address our underlying affordability crisis, like reducing barriers to apartment construction at all price points and quelling anti-development sentiment.  



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