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NAA News Highlights - May 2021

Over the past month, the media has increasingly focused on the future of the rental housing industry. More specifically, many stories have given thought to what the industry might look like once eviction moratoria end and we move beyond COVID-19. Additional stories have looked into the slow distribution of rental assistance across the nation, as well as why the distribution of these funds remains so critical.

NAA’s news placements highlight our steadfast advocacy efforts on behalf of the rental industry. Further, they reiterate NAA’s thought leadership in pursuing and supporting sustainable solutions to ensure that we build a stronger industry – tackling the housing affordability crisis head on – as we exit the pandemic.

Below are some of NAA’s media highlights from the month of May. A full listing of NAA in the News can be found here.


May 24 – Vox – What happened to the $45 billion in rent relief?.

May 18 – Forbes – Yes In My Backyard Act A Key Step In Addressing Housing Affordability

May 14 - NPR - Judge Puts Hold On Ruling That Could Result In Millions Of Families Getting Evicted

May 6 - New York Times - Federal Judge Strikes Down Moratorium on Evicting Renters

May 5 - Politico - Millions of renters brace for a post-pandemic ax