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“My RPM Story” – Shelby Goins

RPM Careers

RPM Career AmbassadorBefore beginning my career in residential property management (RPM), I worked in retail while completing my degree. Working in retail gave me experience and a strong appreciation for customer service and sales, and an internship in commercial real estate gave me insight into the RPM industry. 

So with graduation approaching, I found the Manager in Training (MIT) program at Weidner Apartment Homes — and it proved to be a perfect fit. The program stimulated my interest in RPM and strengthened my knowledge of sales and customer service. I used to help people find the perfect pair of jeans; now, as a Weidner community director and certified mentor I manage a business and help people find their perfect home. I found my home in RPM, and love what I do.

My career path exemplifies the potential for upward mobility within the RPM industry, starting as a college graduate in the MIT program and moving up to become a community director and certified mentor for a 180-unit luxury community in just three years. The most rewarding part of my job is the people I help every day. I help people find a home they will love and also work to make sure they continue to love where they live. Each person and his or her needs are completely different, which pushes RPM professionals and the industry to constantly change and adapt.  

I signed up to be a RPM Careers ambassador because one of my favorite aspects of my job is showing others how great and diverse this industry is. With so many evolving markets, I’m excited to help others find their path in RPM! 

If you know someone who would make a great RPM Careers ambassador, contact Sarah Levine.