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My RPM Story: RPM Careers Ambassador Pamela Purewal

RPM Careers

RPM Career AmbassadorAs a financial analyst for WinnResidential, and an industry professional working and growing in RPM for three years, I recently joined’s Ambassadors program to help bring the next wave of talent to our industry. 

This innovative element of features current RPM employees with a broad range of experiences and interests, and allows people interested in RPM careers to connect through email or LinkedIn with the ambassador whose story most resonates with them. 

Here’s my RPM story:

Prior to joining the RPM industry I had worked in a couple of other fields — first as an accountant for an architectural firm, then as a financial analyst for a food service and ingredient firm. When I finally found a home in RPM, I took the tools and knowledge I earned in the financial arena to be successful in my current position.

As a financial analyst for WinnResidential, I oversee 46 properties. My responsibilities include coordinating the budget process from beginning to end; analyzing financial data, capital expenditures, and replacement reserves; gathering information to create spreadsheets; and training managers to gain a better understanding of budgets and financial statements. It’s rewarding work, and it all comes together when I visit a property and see the pride the staff and residents have in their communities. 

I was drawn to this industry because I like the challenge. It can be a complex industry when you think of all of the different programs, agencies, and organizations that are involved with RPM. Learning and understanding all of the pieces that come together to get a residential community up and running is really fascinating! All of the departments (marketing, compliance, etc.) get opportunities to learn about different areas of property management and to collaborate — and there is so much room for growth, no matter what part of RPM you work in.

RPM is a wonderful, fulfilling industry in which to have a career. At the end of the day, you are improving the quality of somebody’s life because you are a key part of finding a home for that person. It truly is a great feeling. 

Want to learn more, or connect about RPM? Check out the Ambassadors profile page and send me a note!