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My RPM Story – Mike Markus

RPM Careers

RPM Career Ambassador06/29/2016When I began working in residential property management (RPM), I was mowing lawns. Now, as a maintenance director for BRG Realty Group, I oversee more than 7,000 apartment homes.

Thanks to eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I have the skills and determination to grow and thrive in RPM. I served in the 4th Marine Corps Recruiting Command, where I managed eight recruiting stations and 850 recruiters across 14 states as well as shaped recruitment strategy. I loved my career in the Marines, but once it ended I felt somewhat lost — until I found the RPM industry.  

It all started when my father-in-law invited me to work with him overseeing a privately held apartment portfolio, around the time my wife and I decided to start our family in Cincinnati. At first, I tended to the property and completed basic service requests. Then, over six years, I moved to managing properties and partnering on new acquisitions.

Today, I oversee the maintenance team at BRG. I recruit, train, and advocate for staff; consult on large projects; and develop relationships with vendors.

RPM is very different from the Marine Corps, but each owes its success to putting people first. The Marines inspired my desire to serve. Now that I’m an RPM professional, I get to continue to do just that.

I became an RPM Careers ambassador to spread the word about our industry. If you know someone who would be a great ambassador for RPM, email Sarah Levine.