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“My RPM Story” – Jada

RPM Careers

RPM Career AmbassadorWorking in banking gave me customer service and analytical skills, but I wanted a career with a stronger connection to the community. That desire to help people led me to residential property management (RPM), where I can improve the lives of both residents and the members of my RPM team.

A lot of people are in the same position that I was in: They have the skills to succeed, and they are looking for meaningful work, but they don’t know where to find it. That’s why I became an RPM Careers ambassador; so that I can help the right people find our industry. Job-seekers can reach out to me on’s Connect page through email or LinkedIn to learn how to pursue a career in RPM.

My journey to RPM began when I took what was supposed to be a brief hiatus from the banking world to tutor students in Atlanta’s public schools. A fellow volunteer tutor who worked in the RPM industry convinced me that I would be much better off if I made the jump to RPM. It wasn’t just the career advancement possibilities, discounted housing, and competitive compensation that drew me to the industry — although all these benefits are great. It was RPM’s foundation in a culture of helping others and providing them with a home. So I interviewed for a position.

Just 14 months after starting my job as a leasing consultant, I was promoted to assistant manager and then community manager. Now I am an area manager for TriBridge Residential. I support regional managers in supervising multiple assets, mentor fellow RPM professionals, and handle financial reporting and budget development.

In addition to making my properties enjoyable places to live, my favorite part of my job is mentoring team members and helping them meet their goals. I’m drawn to self-starters who seek out people and opportunities that will help them learn and grow. When I spot people with those qualities, I’m always happy to lend them my support.

If you’re looking for a connection to the industry or considering changing careers as I did, take the first step to connect with me. Send me an email or add me to your contacts on LinkedIn. It could be the move that leads to a long and exciting career in RPM.