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Multifamily Is Made for Social Advertising

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Social ads—those on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—are a marketing boon to the multifamily industry. Unlike big brands that want to reach a large swath of the population, apartment communities have a more specific audience that these ads can easily—and economically—target.

“We have a unique opportunity to create content for these hyper-local groups and to distribute it in our markets where we operate—through social advertising,” writes Kristi Fickert, vice president of marketing and training at the digital marketing company 30 Lines, in a post on Multifamily Insiders. “And the beauty of it is we can implement it quickly and inexpensively.”

Social ads allow you to get granular in your audience targeting using ZIP codes, interests and hobbies, age ranges, income levels, specific keywords and more to reach your specified audience. (Though make sure you don’t run afoul of the Fair Housing Act in specifying your audience.) Best of all, you can retarget potential prospects who visited your website or called or toured the apartment community to help close the deal.

You can also create different ads depending on where your prospects are in the sales funnel. For those who haven’t visited the property yet, an invitation to an onsite event might be appropriate. For those who have already toured or expressed interest in the community, an ad with a free application offer might make more sense.

Social advertising works with any budget, and you can easily track your return on investment and adjust your targeted groups if you aren’t meeting your goals.

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