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Mobile Users Don't Like Being Targeted by Ads

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A new global study conducted by Razorfish shows that roughly 75 percent of smartphone users consider mobile advertisements to be "an invasion of privacy." The research aims to examine the behavior of Millennials in comparison with Generation X. It involved 1,500 contributors from across the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and Brazil with an overall average of 77 percent saying they thought it was an invasion of privacy when ads targeted them through their phones. Another overall average of 77 percent said that they "hated" seeing the same Internet ad multiple times. Grant Owens, planning lead for Razorfish, recently discussed the study's results. He stated, "We need to show [the public] new behaviors that they experience and fall in love with. In the early stages, we would like to see brands make the incentives pretty high to get where they are going and then we will see if the adoption takes hold."  

Meanwhile, it was also discovered that 55 percent of Generation Y were found to be willing early adopters of new technology and wanted to buy all of their purchases online, if possible. In addition, nearly 80 percent of those in this demographic admitted that a poor digital experience would compel them to bypass a brand. In the United States, Millennials were found to be more interested in mobile payments than the generation before them and felt more dependent on technology in their lives. More than 55 percent ranked their phone as their most valuable shopping tool. Finally, 78 percent of Millennials said that a bad brand website would negatively impact their opinion of a brand, with 69 percent of Generation X respondents agreeing. Razorfish will release additional details of the study later this year.


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