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One Big Mistake Leasing Agents May Be Making

 Big Mistake Leasing Agents

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Agents usually see the features of the apartment and amenities, but one observer thinks they are missing a big opportunity.

When leasing agents are showing an apartment, they often focus on the attributes of the unit and the amenities instead of the surrounding communities. By doing this, they could be missing an opportunity.

“In fairness to operators, getting ready to sell the neighborhood is trickier and more nuanced than the preparation for selling the community and its units,” Donald Davidoff writes for Multifamily Insiders. “Agents need to be good at understanding the varied wants and needs of prospective residents, how well your neighborhood serves them and how that compares to other areas that they may be considering. But the time spent becoming familiar with the neighborhood is time well-spent for an agent, as it is a uniquely effective way to build trust."

To properly sell the surrounding neighborhood, Davidoff advises onsite staff to conduct some research. “Spend time walking the neighborhood both at commute time and at night,” Davidoff writes. “Observe how people are getting to work and what places seem to be popular during the evenings. Use a map to understand which areas are accessible via a short Uber ride or an easy transit commute. Find out the easiest ways to local schools.”

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