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Miami Developers Pay Residents to Ditch their Cars

Miami Developers

Digested from Fast Company

By offering a discount to forego a parking space, two brothers hope to ultimately change policy.

Every developer knows that parking adds costs to new construction. In Miami, two brothers are trying to change their residents’ attitudes about parking and cars.

At Square Station, which recently opened right next to a station on Miami’s light rail line, developers Carlos and Martin Melo are offering residents a $100 discount on their rent every month for not using their allotted parking spot, according to Fast Company’s Eillie Anzilotti The Melos had to include 1,065 parking spots in the 34-story, two-tower project.

So far, very few residents have taken the Melos brothers up on their offer, but the brothers have not been dissuaded.

“The brothers hope that the offer gets residents thinking about the cost of using their cars in a more personal way–and potentially alert the city to the fact that the need for private cars is diminishing,” Anzilotti writes.

Carlos Melo thinks other transportation options will ultimately encourage residents to reconsider their cars. When that happens, he hopes local parking requirements will evolve.

“The younger generation, especially people who live near their work, are noticing that they don’t need their own cars,” says Carlos Melo tells Anility. “If people need to get somewhere in a car, they can take Uber or Lyft, he adds, and the nearby public transit or a bike should be the first option.”

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