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Marketing Trends in Property Management

marketing trends

Digested from Multifamily Executive

Here are a few digital trends to look out for in property management. 

Over 82 percent of renters agree that "renting is more affordable than owning," according to a recent Freddie Mac survey. Developers, property managers and marketers continue to keep up with digital marketing trends and products in the market as Gen Z, the first "digitally native" generation, moves into apartments. Here are four trends to look out for in property management.

Facebook adjusted its ad platform last year to limit discriminatory audience targeting in ads, according to Multifamily Executive.

In part, this change means that Facebook ads cannot target by age, gender, ZIP code, multicultural affinity or any other options relating to protected characteristics.

"According to Facebook and Social Media Today, 'You'll be able to search for and view all active housing opportunity ads targeted in the U.S. that started running—or were edited—on or after Dec. 4, 2019, regardless of whether you're in the advertiser's intended audience. You'll be able to search the housing ad section by the name of the page running an ad or the city or state to which the ad is targeted,'" said the article by Multifamily Executive.

Property managers should also look out for new ways to optimize search presence on Google, such as 360-degree floor plans in Google Photos to bring their apartment homes to life for users.

Another way to optimize Google is through videos. "'A video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than a traditional web page," insiders say. Google's recent algorithm has transformed the search landscape, prioritizing rich, blended search results with unique content, and multimedia content is definitely such.'"

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