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Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing to Gen Z

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During the past decade, companies have spent a lot time and energy figuring out Millennials. As this has happened, a new generation – Generation Z – is coming of age, writes Nicolas Cole, a contributor to

“No one seems to realize that in just a few short years, Generation Z (those age 20 and under) will account for 40 percent of the consumer market, and be an even bigger group than both Baby Boomers and Millennials,” Cole writes. “While everyone else is still debating over what to do with Millennials, their younger brothers and sisters will be the largest, most untapped audience out there.”

After talking with George Beall, a 20-year-old consultant who helps companies fix and improve their branding techniques and product lines to best appeal to young people, Cole concludes that older leadership teams should be more open and willing to hear feedback from younger leaders.

“Generation Z sees social media as a tool, not just a new television screen,” Beall tells Cole. “Gen Z sees social influence in a totally different way. And not only do they see it differently, they know how to get it, build it for themselves, and then start launching products or their own companies.”

With those trends, Cole says companies need to be even more open to adopting changes in how they market moving forward.

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