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Marijuana Legislation Trending Nationwide

Marijuana Legislation

Washington, D.C. – The nation’s capital has become the latest jurisdiction to implement the legal possession and use of recreational marijuana on private property, joining Colorado and Washington State. So far in the 2015 sessions, multiple states are already considering legislation related to both recreational and medical marijuana, including possession, use and regulation. The impact on rental property owners is mixed, with some states moving to protect owner interests and others looking to force owners and managers to accommodate the practice.

Examples of major bills addressing rental property owners and marijuana use include:

  • Kentucky HB 3 – Requires the consent of property owners to use medicinal marijuana
  • Maryland HB 911 – Gives property owners the right to prohibit the cultivation and smoking of marijuana on their properties by posting a notice
  • Nebraska LB 643North Carolina HB 78Pennsylvania SB 3 – Prohibits property owners from refusing to rent to qualified users of medicinal marijuana or their caregivers (effectively making them a protected class)

NAA will continue to monitor these bills as they move through the legislative process.


Source: National Apartment Association