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Managing Winter Weather Issues

winter heavy snow

Experts are predicting another frigid winter. Make sure residents as well as communities on the whole are set up to handle the icy blasts to come.

A colder-than-average winter is on its way, and with it arises the need to handle inclement weather issues, especially those pertaining to snow and ice, around communities. And, based on the substantial preorders placed on ice melt, many community managers are getting a head start. But handling wintry weather conditions may not always be as straightforward as managers would expect.

“The best thing people can do is plan ahead,” Jennifer Lester, RealPage’s Vice President of supplier management, tells Property Management Insider. “Don’t wait until it snows to order ice melt. Be sure to have it on hand, and plan head. If you wait until the last minute to order, you may be out of luck.”

Managers should use rock salt sparingly, though, as it can cause damage to the property and surrounding elements. Shovel first to remove as much snow and ice as possible before pouring on salt, notes the Omaha World-Herald. Less snow will require less salt, which can also be mixed with other traction-assisting materials, such as gravel or kitty litter, to help prevent falls. 

On warmer days, be sure to rinse off de-icing materials from buildings, sidewalks and vehicles to prevent corrosion.