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Make Purchasing Maintenance Supplies Easier & Less Costly

The front of Lowe's Pro credit card

A Lowe’s Pro MSH Purchase Card makes a big difference in getting your apartment work done on time and on budget.

Whether you develop, own or manage an apartment building or multiple multifamily dwellings, these types of structures are living, breathing, aging entities. They require constant care, sometimes in certain years more than others.

And that means lots of purchases, from electrical to plumbing supplies, paints, sealants and appliances to keep buildings humming smoothly and looking their best.

At these times, the Lowe’s Pro MSH (Maintenance Supply Headquarters) Purchase Card comes in extremely handy since it was rolled out this past July to aid owners, managers and staff of multifamily apartment buildings buy more easily, receive discounts on many of the 30,000-plus inventoried items available for pick up or scheduled delivery at a discounted rate at Lowe’s stores nationwide and online at The Lowe’s Pro MSH Purchase Card provides an added convenience when purchases are needed after hours and on the weekends.

This year the card is getting more of a workout as the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 sent residents to their apartments for longer periods—and often with more family members quarantining together. 

And that often meant building lobbies, hallways, outdoor and indoor amenity spaces and individual units got used more and required staffs to purchase more personal protective equipment (PPE)—masks, face shields, gloves, sanitary sprays and disinfectants--and  scrub more diligently to stop the virus from spreading.

“Initially, orders slowed as the pandemic worsened since many residents weren’t moving and units weren’t being turned. Renovations are a big part of our business,” says Kory Davis, Senior Director of National Accounts for Lowe’s Pro MSH, headquartered in Houston. “But as moves again started, and cities and states lifted lockdowns, work commenced and everyone needed more supplies,” Davis says.

Lowe’s Pro MSH customers can use the Lowe’s Pro MSH Purchase Card  in stores or online at or to save time and hassle. “Employees don’t have to wait to be reimbursed or worry about carrying cash,” Davis says.

A manager or owner can also request as many cards as they need and put budget caps on dollars employees spend in a single transaction or per month. “If you set a limit of $150 and an employee spends $151, the purchase will be declined,” Davis says. “Our National partners have full control of the release of the card to their employees and how the card is being used,” Davis says.

The card also provides valued 5-percent savings with a few exceptions, plus rebates if requested when signing up for the card. “Some want a lower discount at the front end and a bigger rebate on the back end, so it’s flexible to meet their needs,” Davis says.

There’s also a maximum $20 charge for deliveries if the building or job site lies within a 75-mile radius of a Lowe’s store. With more than 1,700 stores nationwide and in every state, it’s likely there’s a Lowe’s close by. Deliveries are made seven days a week, which helps managers meet deadlines and keep to budgets.

To obtain a card, a Lowe’s Pro MSH account is needed. Visit to fill out an account application.  To learn more about the Purchase Card, visit 

Note: The Lowe’s Pro MSH Purchase Card is not a line of credit or financing vehicle; it only provides an easy means to automate purchases. Lowe’s Pro MSH Purchase card is intended for commercial use only, not for personal, household or family purposes.