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How the Maintenance Staff Boosts Retention

Maintenance Staff Boosts Retention

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Holding customer service training for technicians upon their hiring and giving them the right tech tools can improve customer service. But it all starts with making the right hire.

It is not easy to find maintenance technicians in today’s competitive employment market. Making the situation more challenging is that service techs need more than just repair experience and an HVAC certification.

“Your maintenance team is also becoming an important interaction point with your residents,” Wanda Stewart writes for Multifamily Insiders. “As more and more tasks such as paying rent become automated, your residents are interacting with your leasing teamless. This means more customer service and lease-renewal influence is put onto your maintenance team, the very members of your staff who are the most likely to be left out of the customer training you offer.”

Stewart writes that holding customer service training for technicians upon their hiring and giving them tech tools that provide them with resident insight and allow them to manage work orders more easily can improve their customer service.

But getting customer-service focused maintenance technicians starts with hiring.

“Training your new maintenance hires on the core values of your company will give them the knowledge and skills they need to perform well in all aspects of their position,” Stewart writes. “Your exact training program will depend on your culture, but in general, it should teach your maintenance staff service etiquette, how to interact with residents and other areas of concern.”

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