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Maintenance Appreciation is Well Deserved

A maintenance person's gloved hand in a thumbs up gesture

Digested from Property Management Minutes

The maintenance team usually goes about its daily tasks with little appreciation. Here are ways to give them the credit that they deserve.

Maintenance has a huge effect on the success of an apartment community. If the grounds are clean and the grass is cut, prospective residents are more likely to lease. If mechanical issues are fixed in a timely fashion, residents are happy and more likely to renew.

But the maintenance team does not always get credit for its efforts. The key is putting members of the maintenance team in front of the resident.

“Giving your maintenance team an opportunity to be recognized by residents is so much more rewarding, than the second-hand thanks resulting when the office staff receives the thanks or feedback, and then repeats the conversation to the team,” writes Lori Hammond for Property Management Minutes.

One way to put maintenance in front of residents is to include them in the move-in inspection.

“This will give maintenance an opportunity to point out the details, showing off the workmanship,” Hammond writes. “For occasions, when it’s not practical for maintenance to participate in the move-in inspection, use a welcome letter or card.”

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