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For Maintenance, Appearance is Important

Maintenance Appearance

Digested from Property Management Insider

A clean uniform goes a long way for maintenance technicians.

Apartment maintenance can be a dirty job, but that does not mean techs should show up at a resident’s door covered in grease.

“Across education seminars, you hear multifamily instructors stress that successful service calls start the moment a resident sees the apartment maintenance technician,” writes Tim Blackwell for Property Management Insider. “The men and women who have to get down on their knees and get dirty to keep America’s apartments humming don’t get a fashion break. And they shouldn’t. Apartment maintenance staff should be held to the same high standards as the leasing agents who are often that first impression.”

Here is just some of the advice to give your techs who are going to visit residents.

“Granted, there’s only so much you can do with a blue-collared uniform,” Blackwell writes. “But if it’s clean and doesn’t look like it was added in a corner the night before, it earns style points. Same goes for showing up with a neatly organized tool pouch and booties over the shoes.”

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