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Long Beach Rent Control Ballot Measure Goes Out with the Tide

Long Beach Rent Control

A bright spot appears in the fight against the destructive expansion of rent control in California. Recently, Housing Long Beach, the principle drive behind the efforts to put a rent control ballot measure on the docket in that city, have suspended their signature-gathering campaign due to ‘insurmountable obstacles’. 

This success could not have been possible without the staunch grassroots support that their opposition, the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities, grew in the community. Their rallies to raise public awareness of the detriments of rent control, their tireless educational efforts in the city and effective coalition-building cannot be overstated. 

Though this accomplishment is a great development as California mulls Proposition 10, a flawed attempt at Costa-Hawkins repeal, owners, property managers and staff alike should remain vigilant for a continuation of efforts. There are reports that while Housing Long Beach has publicly thrown in the towel, their efforts have not fully stopped. 

The National Apartment Association stands ready as a resource for you for data, analysis and facts surrounding the issue of rent control. Please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Melvin on our government affairs staff with any concerns or questions that you might have about rent control.

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