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Lifestyle: Choosing Between Multifamily and Single-Family Rentals

Lifestyle: Choosing Between Multifamily and Single-Family Rentals

NAA President and CEO compares apartments and single-family rental living in latest Washington Post column.

Choosing between renting an apartment or a single-family home depends on a resident’s lifestyle. In his most recent column for the Washington Post, “Factors to consider when determining whether renting an apartment or house best fits your lifestyle,” NAA President and CEO Bob Pinnegar compares the benefits of the two options for today’s rental housing residents.

Among the top factors impacting renter’s decisions to select an apartment is the community’s amenities. Rooftop areas, media rooms and swimming pools are top attractions for apartment renters. Also underscored by Pinnegar is the built-in community of residents. “Apartment residents are surrounded by a network of neighbors to engage with, and many communities host social events that bring residents together, whether in person or digitally in the covid era,” he writes.

Meanwhile, renters searching for more space and overall privacy and accessibility gravitate toward single-family homes. Personal outdoor space is another convenience for single-family renters. Residents will also have to be more mindful of utility costs, but Pinnegar says the “costs are unavoidable in our modern society, but it is important to note that the utility totals of single-family homes can be eye-popping.”

He says the decision comes down to lifestyle choice and what is important to the renter. “Ultimately, renting is all about flexibility and finding the best rental option that fits the needs and desires of your lifestyle…”

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