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The Latest Buzz on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

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Digested from “What’s New in Social: Twitter’s Birthday, Instagram’s Algorithm and Online Video Distribution”
Property Management Insider

Maintaining a strong online presence is key to attracting new rental prospects and strengthening your business. To improve your marketing strategies to multifamily renters, it’s important to stay on top of social media trends—and educate yourself on how best to use these tools.

Top social media sites have been making headlines:

Twitter: The platform just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and continues to be a top global resource for breaking news. Since founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet in 2006, Twitter’s active users have skyrocketed to 320 million. Recently, it tweaked its Moments feature to enhance storytelling by adding links to stories for additional context.

Instagram: Claiming that many of its users miss important posts from close friends, the platform now posts photos according to relevance instead of chronological order. While it’s too early to determine if the new strategy has worked, some users aren’t happy with it and are questioning the service's ability to determine what’s “relevant” to individual users.

Snapchat: A new partnership with video startup NowThis makes Snapchat an effective tool for communicating with younger rental prospects. Snapchat boasts at least 8 billion video views per day, which appeals to its predominantly millennial audience.

To implement your apartment marketing strategy further, try social media advertising. Paid advertisements on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn can help you reach your audience more expediently than can trying to invest in a social media campaign—which may not work.

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