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L.A. Building Owners Allegedly Kick Residents Out for Airbnb Profits

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Digested from “L.A. apartment owners charged with allegedly evicting tenants, then renting their units via Airbnb” in Los Angeles Times (6/20/2016) by Poston, Ben

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has filed charges against rent-controlled property owners accused of evicting residents from their homes in order to list the unoccupied apartments on Airbnb, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

The city attorney’s office made clear that it was taking this problem very seriously at a news conference Monday, as this new trend is putting pressure on an already strained housing market.

“Given that shortage of affordable housing, illegally converting rental units to hotels or short-rentals has got to stop,” City Attorney Mike Feuer said. “My office is going to intervene to preserve rent-stabilized units and restore those units when we allege they’ve been unlawfully taken off the market.”
While the charges, and related lawsuits, are still pending, regulations like limiting the number of days individuals are allowed to rent their houses every year have been proposed to eliminate this problem.

“Simple regulations that allow honest home-sharing while making it easier to go after rogue operators who are running de facto hotels will help protect affordable housing and the character of our neighborhoods,” Councilman Mike Bonin told the Times.

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