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Kettler Tech Claims Maintenance Mania Prize

Maintenance Mania

Rachid Chabraoui bests two former champions to take home the title.

The fourth time was the charm for Rachid Chabraoui.

On his fourth trip to the Maintenance Mania Championships, Kettler Management’s Chabraoui took home the top prize. 

Chabraoui, representing the Apartment & Office Building Association (AOBA), tallied a time of 1:06.739. “It was a lot of work,” he says. “I go into work and practice these events—and even time when I’m [not working]—on the weekends and that helped me get to the top.

The toilet event had given Chabraoui problems in the past. Once he breezed through the event this year, he was confident that he would win. I got it down to 12 seconds, which was awesome,” he says. 

Chabraoui defeated two former champions to claim the top prize. The Dolben Company's Tony Infussi, from the Maryland Multi-Housing Association, was competing in his fifth Finals and took home the top prize in 2015. He placed second place this year with a time of 1:09.649. The camaraderie among the participants draws him back.

“We support each other and that’s the reason we keep coming back,” Infussi says. “The constant support from everybody [makes this such a great event],” Infussi says.

Infussi thought he performed best on the key. “I felt very comfortable going into it,” he says. “First, second or third [overall here] doesn’t matter to me. We all did well. There were no mistakes from my end, which helped.”

ContraVest's Brandon Gay, who won the contest last year, placed third with a time of 1:11.17. This was his fourth appearance in the Maintenance Mania finals. “I had to make it through the local event,” he says. “I take that just as seriously. If I don’t do well in that, I don’t get to come to Nationals.”

Gay, who represented the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando, said the smoke detector event was his strongest all week, but a callback during the smart burner event prevented him from repeating.