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Kentucky Advances Bill Offering Tenant Protections to Victims of Domestic Violence

Kentucky Advances Bill

Digested from “House passes lease protections for domestic violence victims”
Lexington Herald-Leader (2/24/16) Schreiner, Bruce

A bill circulating through the Kentucky Legislature would offer certain lease protections, such as the ability to break lease agreements, to domestic violence victims seeking to escape their abusers.

The legislation would prevent a landlord from evicting someone for being the victim of domestic or dating abuse, or for taking out protective orders. Victims could also request to have the locks changed on their rental unit, at their own expense, within 72 hours.

The law would require victims to get a long-term protective order and give their landlord a written 30 days’ notice to break their lease. The victim’s alleged abuser would be responsible for any income losses incurred by the landlord resulting from premature termination of a lease.

The Kentucky House of Representatives passed the bill by a vote of 90 to 3. The bill goes to the state Senate for consideration.

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