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Keeping Up with Technology in Student Housing

Technology in Student Housing

Digested from The Balance Sheet: Yardi Corporate Blog

Having adequate wireless connectivity is an important issue across the apartment industry, but it’s critical in student housing.

At the 2017 NAA Student Housing Conference, Faith Hawks, principal at Marks Thomas, advised student housing communities to offer internet speeds of at least 25 MB per student per second. 

If that sounds like a lot, consider that students are now using an average of 10 Wi-Fi devices, which include smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TV and DVD players, gaming consoles, wireless speakers, personal assistants and activity monitors/smart watches.

Communal spaces also need to meet students’ tech needs, with charging stations and smart boards increasingly popular in these areas. But comfortable (and movable) seating is still the primary student desire in communal spaces.

In terms of security, keyless entry provides convenience for both community staff members and residents. With keyless entry, there are no more lost keys to replace and visitor access can be easily granted and revoked.

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