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The Internet of Things is Coming

remote access lights and appliances

Digested RENTCafé

Soon owners will want remote access to their lights and appliances. With several vendors offering smart-home systems, apartment operators will have options.

The idea of an apartment equipped with voice-controlled lights, appliances that can be remotely turned on and off or a special device that allows pet owners to check in on their dogs and cats while they are away used to be farfetched.

With the Internet of Things, that is no longer the case. In luxury apartments, developers are now including these smart home perks, according to RENTCafé’s Florentina Sarac.

“The trend of smart apartments might not have spread across the entire country yet but give it time,” Sarac writes. “Renters living in Portland, New York, San Fran or Las Vegas already have the option of renting in an app-controlled apartment building.”

For and developers who want to provide these technologies in either new or existing buildings, there are options. Some technology vendors provide an app to control lights, outlets and motion sensors. Apartment owners usually lease these systems. 

Even if apartment owners are not installing these smart-home systems, Sarac says they need to be thinking about them.

“All in all, the focus is no longer on average amenities like swimming pools, gyms or tennis courts,” Sarac writes. “As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, the housing industry will need to keep up. Smart apartments will not only prove to be convenient and aesthetically appealing but they also promise to be incredibly cost-efficient.”

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