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Inspire a Sense of Well-being in Residents Through the Power of Color

Sherwin-Williams Living Well™ Collection helps professionals invite a sense of comfort into a property through the power of color and paint that works harder for residents. In this article, we explore the importance and impact that certain colors can have on your residents' well-being.

In the past year, the word “home” took a new meaning as people transformed the spaces in which they were spending the majority of their time. Residents and homeowners alike used areas throughout their home in new ways, creating different environments to meet their needs. For everyone, kitchen spaces became workstations and living rooms and bedrooms became gyms and virtual meeting places.

As these spaces shifted, people started to prioritize not only their personal health and safety but how their living environments made them feel. Moving forward, residents will continue to prioritize the function of a space but also how it contributes to their overall well-being. From colors that evoke a certain mood, to products that offer a new and innovative technology, like the ability to improve indoor air quality, there are steps that owners, builders and property managers can implement to attract and retain new residents.

Sherwin-Williams Living Well Collection is an inspired mix of paints and color carefully chosen to create a sense of comfort, style and well-being in a space. From a design standpoint, the Living Well collection takes mood into consideration. For example, how color and the principle of biophilia – bringing natural elements inside – can benefit the well-being of residents. With this in mind, the curated selection of colors inspire relaxation, and creativity and encourage focus.

The Impact of Color on Well-being

Color is extremely important as it is often the first thing that residents will notice about a space. In addition, different colors and variations can evoke a certain mood. 

For example, to incorporate natural elements into a space, many professionals turn to the color green. The verdant hue is often associated with nature and can transform a gloomy environment by bringing a sense of freshness into a common area or office space.

To create a more upbeat environment, property managers can incorporate pale yellow to help lighten a dull room or brighten walls in a community space, adding a fun and lively feel that gets residents excited to host friends and family. For more neutral and muted tones, terracotta can be used throughout a common area, lobby or gym space to create a soothing effect. 

Whether you are trying to inspire calm, focus or a lively feel in residents, the Living Well collection features 540 beautiful colors, including 11 curated color palettes that showcase an inspired assortment of Sherwin-Williams most stunning, top-selling shades. Here’s how each of the different palettes can reflect a sense of well-being for residents:

Balance: This palette combines warm and cool neutrals balanced with earthy greens. With shades like Cascade Green SW 0066, the palette embodies the principle of biophilia with a nod to nature.

Breathe: The colors in the Breathe palette reflect warmth with sandy neutrals, such as Simplify Beige SW 6085. The color combinations can inspire feelings individuals get from meditation and rest, perfect to be used in a workout or yoga studio.

Center: The combination of colors in Center reflects restorative hues with purple and taupe undertones that work remarkably well for a range of looks.

Create: This playful palette of carefully curated tones was designed for fun and creative  environments but with lively pastel hues that are not overly dramatic for a space. 

Focus: The palette incorporates cooler blue and green neutrals like Copen Blue SW 0068 or North Star SW 6246 to create an environment without distractions in an office or common space.

Inspire: The Inspire palette promotes a mid-century vibe with soft teals and apricots specially curated to uplift and inspire an area with warmth tones.

Recharge: The coastal colors in Recharge inspire a sense of calm and optimism. The colors are all about watery tones – including restorative blues – ideal for an apartment building by the coast.

Reflect: The soothing white tones and gauzy grays in Reflect can be used to add a timeless touch that invites openness and balances a space.

Renew: With warmer, classic neutrals and undertones of pink and green, the colors in Renew add a luxurious and upscale feel to a modern area.

Unplug: This palette incorporates softer expressions of green inspired by a desert’s landscape, such as Acanthus SW 0029.

Unwind. This natural palette is rooted in earthy and soft neutrals to help residents feel grounded and stir up a sense of well-being.

Living Well means creating a home that works harder for everyone. Whether transforming rooms that serve multiple functions or selecting paint and colors that help create a haven, these color combinations will turn any space into an area that fits your resident’s needs both physically and mentally.

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