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Increase ROI With Low-Hanging Marketing Fruit

Increase ROI

What if you could increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns just by tweaking your current efforts? It makes most sense to make small changes to your existing marketing strategy that will deliver growth – going after the low-hanging fruit. Planning and executing a new marketing channel takes time, money, and effort, but before you go that route, make sure you’ve optimized your existing marketing strategy first. 

Are you easy to find? 

Contact information and calls to action that are hard are frustrating for visitors and discourage them from reaching out. Don’t let this be the reason why visits aren’t converting to leads. Make sure your contact information, offerings, or call to action buttons are visible from each page, whether it’s a listing or blog post. If a renter sees something they like, taking the next step to contact you should be right in front of them. 

Be shareable. 

You have all these great listings, photos, and content you want the world to see. The visitors to your website can help you accomplish this goal – all you need to do is embed ‘share’ buttons on your site. Most social media sites provide codes for a ‘share’ button to insert on the back end of your site. When renters see a listing they love or a helpful blog post, social sharing buttons allow them to share, tweet, or pin your content with their entire network.  

Optimize your content. 

You’re always developing new content – so why not take an extra five minutes to make sure it’s optimized? Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find out what renters are searching when they’re apartment hunting, and optimize your content accordingly. Have the knowledge of what keywords and terms visitors search, then use it to your advantage when you create new web pages or blog posts.  

Create personable email. 

Email marketing has the potential for you to ‘touch’ many leads at the click of a button. Make the most of this opportunity by making sure it’s personable. Your potential clients don’t want to work with (or respond to) someone who sends automated messages or is too pushy in their emails. Evaluate your email messaging and tweak it to be more relatable and clickable. Even something as simple as signing your name at the bottom, or addressing the message to the recipient, can help boost click-through rates. A/B test your emails so you can compare results side-by-side and determine what works. 

Promote yourself with social. 

You’re probably already using social media to market your business – but does it help you generate leads? If you send out a sales pitch update each day you risk becoming part of the advertising white noise (or even worse, unfollowed), but don’t be afraid to share your content, landing pages, or a great listing every once in a while. There’s all that great content on your site, so make sure your followers are aware of it! 

Track your results and use the data to identify what next-step marketing projects will be the most effective with your audience. You already have the structure in place--evaluating and strengthening your existing campaigns can bring the ROI increases you need without the effort of creating a new marketing channel. 

Article courtesy of Zillow, and written by Jennifer Chan. Jennifer Chan is the Content Marketing Coordinator at Zillow and manages the Zillow for Pros blog, which brings professionals their daily dose of real estate marketing tips, tricks, and strategies. Visit Zillow to advertise your listings or find out more.