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The Importance of Passwords and Firewall Solutions for Apartment Managers

Firewall Solutions

When running an apartment community and leasing office, be it large or small, security is of utmost importance — particularly information technology (IT) security.

In order to properly protect your network, including resident and employee information such as social security numbers, payment data and legal material, management should consider firewall solutions as well as the strength of the network’s password-protection policies.

Firewall solutions ensure that unauthorized users cannot easily access company data and resources. Firewall protection can be implemented with hardware devices, software or a combination of both.

Another way to tighten network security is to strengthen password processes, notes Hospitality Technology. Educate staff and residents about the importance of strong passwords. Other measures that can be put in place to secure password-protected networks include the following: 

  • Install a system that requires users to change their password credentials every 30, 60 or 90 days. 
  • Require two-step verification so that the network’s attacker will not be able to access any secure data, even if credentials are compromised.

If these precautions are taken, management and residents can feel confident that their important information is secure as possible.