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The Importance of Making a Good First Impression

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Digested from Property Management Minutes

A carpet stain or a musty bathroom smell will stick with a prospect even if they decide to sign a lease.

First impressions matter. If a prospect visits an apartment that has stains on the carpet or musty odors in the bathroom it will impact their impression of the management company.

“Anyone with much property management experience will tell you; the memory of a bad move-in never goes away,” Lori Hammond writes for Property Management Minutes. “At the time of their fifth-year lease renewal, you’ll still have the resident saying ‘Remember how my carpet hadn’t been cleaned before I moved in and I had to clean it myself?’ ”

But if managers can focus on the basics, they create a first impression that entices prospects to sign and residents to renew.

“Planning for a move-in, focusing on detail, will create the environment for a move-in with no deficiencies,” Hammond writes. “A perfect move-in can give you a perfect first impression. A perfect foundation for a relationship with your new resident.”

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