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If Your Web Site Is Driving Marketing Strategy, You Are in Trouble

Driving Marketing Strategy

Digested From “If Your Web Site Is Driving Marketing Strategy, You Are in Trouble
Huffington Post (11/03/14) Traupel, Lee

Too many businesses fail at achieving good website design. That is because not enough operators are looking at their sites as living, breathing digital assets that have to be developed accordingly. This, of course, entails marketing resources being invested accordingly. Prior to developing a website, be sure to get answers to such questions as "Who will test usability?" "Who will respond and/or address questions from customers via social media?" and "What is the best plan to ensure a consistent high quality experience for the customer across all digital touch points?" The article's author urges, "Work on your marketing strategy and marry left and right brain issues: branding, design, User Interface, content structure, lead generation and sales funnel integration. Once you really know who the customer is, you can map out other critical marketing strategies that should be baked in to your design." 

These strategies can range from determining how analytics and sales funnel metrics will tie into the web site to answering the question: "What's your content marketing strategy, and how does it mesh with your web site?" There also needs to be a good understanding of the importance of great Titles and Section headers, as these drive the visitors into the web site and help to generate leads, revenue, and continued engagement. The design team must understand how to build a web site that piques the interest of and engages the target audience? Finally, marketers can synthesize every web site down into four steps: one, content Strategy; two, information architecture; three, visual design; and, finally, the development process.


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