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ICC Begins Next Stage of Code Development


The International Code Council (ICC) completed the first phase of development for the 2021 national model codes (I-Codes) in 2018. Now, the ICC will begin the next stage of code development this month. The ICC produces the most widely-used family of codes and standards, which provide minimum requirements for all aspects of multifamily design and construction and often serve as the basis for state and local building codes. This year, the ICC will be considering numerous proposed changes of particular interest to the multifamily relating to energy efficiency and sustainability.

As previously reported, NAA/NMHC are actively involved in the code development process to ensure that the unique needs of the multifamily industry are considered and that proposed changes do not unnecessarily undermine the affordability and availability of housing. 

The ICC will publish the proposed changes to the Group B codes in March, and the first round of public code development hearings will be held from April 28 to May 8. Information about the remainder of the 2021 ICC code cycle is available here.