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How to Use Marketing's New Tool: Snapchat

Snapchat Marketing

Digested from “Social Media’s Newest Marketing Platform: How Multifamily Managers are Utilizing Snapchat to Advertise Their Properties” in Multifamily Insiders (9/29/16) by Gainesville Apartments

Snapchat—the social media app that allows users to send texts, images and videos (maximum 10 seconds) that disappear once they are viewed—is big with millennials, so apartment communities marketing to this demographic are wise to integrate it into the marketing plan.

Trimark Properties in Gainesville, Florida—home to the University of Florida—is using Snapchat to market to its potential residents. “We typically show off images of residents enjoying time in our properties or signing leases on our social media,” writes Trimark’s Genevieve Howard in a post on Multifamily Insiders. “Snapchat is a quick and easy way to show off to both current and potential residents and to get them to sign a lease—and renew.”

The app provides two ways to highlight a post: stories and geofilters. Snapchat Stories allows users to post photos and videos on a “story” that is viewable by friends and followers for up to 24 hours. Through stories, Trimark features photos of apartment amenities, residents, interior design and more.

A geofilter is a graphic element that locates where the sender is when sending that snap. Businesses design their own geofilters, which can be a company logo or any other branding element, and set boundaries—the community grounds, for example—where residents can apply the geofilter to their snaps.

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