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How Uber Helps Residents Choose Their Next Apartment

A person opening the Uber app on their phone

Developers focused on transit-oriented development in some markets could be taken for a ride because of Uber.

A resident in NYC recently shared his rationale for choosing to live either very near or far from public transportation, as reported Dec. 20 in The Commercial Observer.

At first, his No. 1 criteria was to be as near the subway as possible to improve his quality of life and professional career.

But when his lease expired, he chose to live much further from the subway, opting to take Uber to work instead. He says he was able to live in a larger apartment home and greatly reduce his rent---the savings of which helped to compensate for the higher cost for ride-sharing compared to the subway. He adds that an Uber drive is more enjoyable than taking a packed or delayed train.

FiveThirtyEight reported last summer that one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan cost $56 per month more for every minute closer they are to a subway station.