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How Tech Can Improve Engagement

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Digested from AppFolio

An up-to-date, mobile-friendly website is only the first step to getting your message to residents.

Want to ensure you get a bad review from your residents? Don’t communicate with them.

Fortunately, technology makes it much easier to reach out to residents than it used to be. “Communication isn’t just great for keeping tenants informed and helping to make them feel a part of your property community, but it can also lead to a better all-around relationship,” writes AppFolio’s Elizabeth Millar.

One way to communicate your message is through your website. So, make sure it is optimized for mobile and up-to-date. Another important outlet is monthly email newsletters. “Include things like property news, changes to rent payments and even a general guide of upcoming events in the community,” Millar writes.

Text messages are also great ways to reach residents at important points of the month. “You might send out notifications to remind them of payment due dates, to alert them of maintenance checks or just to provide updates on the property when necessary,” Millar writes. “Text messages allow you to get information out quickly to your renters.”

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