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How to Target Millennials Through Snapchat

Younger social media users are drawn to the platform’s video components.

Snapchat — perhaps best known for its disappearing messaging — has become a hotbed of video views, with 4 billion a day, putting it on par with Facebook in the category. And one of the most engaged demographics is millennials (ages 18-33), with 44 percent saying they use Snapchat.

So how you can use this platform to increase brand recognition?

To start, create engaging content. More importantly, provide unique, behind-the-scenes content to make followers feel like they’re part of your community. Short video tours or snapshots from community events can help show followers not just your property's features, but also its lifestyle.

As on other social media platforms, contests are a popular engagement tool. Encourage followers to create images, such as selfies based on a theme or doodles using the platform’s drawing tool, and snap them to your account for a chance to win a prize. Make sure to market contest details early, and provide examples to help jump-start participants’ creativity.

Retailers such as ASOS have used flash sales effectively to provide exclusive content and increase audience size. Apartment community marketers can take a similar approach by offering time-sensitive incentives for prospective renters or perks for residents. Just make sure to vary the offers to keep the audience checking in with your brand.

Snapchat's heaviest users tend to be younger millennials: 65 percent of 18- to 20-year-olds use the platform. So if your target demographic skews toward students or recent college graduates, consider investing in this social media platform and think about what types of experiences will best resonate with those users to create a fun, engaging campaign.