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How to Sell Your Community in Photos

Community in Photos

Digested from Property Management Insider

You do not need an expensive camera to take a great community photo, but you do need to pay attention to the details.

If you want to draw prospective residents to your community, good photography is essential.

“The right picture with the right angle, the right composition and the right lighting should send the very concise message to prospective renters that this is the place to be,” Tim Blackwell writes for Property Management Insider.

But the wrong picture can turn off prospects and send them to your competitors. Blackwell consulted with veteran apartment photographer Ed Blinn (who is the Apartment Association of Tarrant County’s Director of Communications) to produce a list of tips for creating property photos that sell.

To start, you need the right equipment. And that doesn’t mean you have to rush out and spend thousands of dollars on cameras and accessories. You can secure a camera body, an 18-55mm lens and bag for around $500, but you should invest a little more in a wide-angle lens (14mm or 17mm) for interior shots. It is also important to remember the tripod to maximize sharpness and photo quality.

Blackwell also suggests composing your shot using natural light and focusing on staging and setup.

“Not only is it important to set the camera in the right place to take a well-composed shot, you should move things in the environment as much as possible to improve subject matter, Blinn says,” Blackwell writes. “For exterior shots, make sure the grounds are well kept, clean and appealing. Take landscape photos the day after the crew mows and trims, when everything is neat and orderly. And pick up the trash.”

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