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How Reputation Management Helps Your Business

Reputation Management

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

To many property managers, reputation management is at best drudgery and at worst can inspire fear that all of their mistakes will be online for all the world to see.

But it can also be a help. Posted on Multifamily Insiders, ROSS’ Don Stocks writes that reputation management can be used as a tool to improve your operations.

“Forward-thinking operators know that a robust [Online Reputation Management] program can produce more than a slew of five-star ratings,” Stock writes. “They have realized that the honest online feedback can serve as invaluable – and free – market research into how to improve operations at their communities.”

But onsite teams need to know that they will not be punished for an occasional bad review (and could be rewarded for good reviews).

“Apartment operators should work to create a culture in which leasing agents and maintenance technicians know that a few negative reviews aren't going to lead to them losing their jobs,” Stock writes. “Instead, these reviews are opportunities to learn and improve.”

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