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How to Remain at the Forefront of Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Digested from Multi-Housing News

Lead Gen is constantly changing, forcing apartment marketers to keep up. Here is how to remain ahead of the curve.

During the past decade, lead generation has changed dramatically as technology has allowed marketers to become efficient and cast a wider net, according to LMC’s Vice President of Marketing Beth Tuttle.

Today’s apartment marketers must be tech savvy, including understanding how Google analytics works, how to track their sources and how social media and review management can serve as lead generators, according to Tuttle.

“Lead generation and technology are now inherently interconnected, which means IT, systems and pricing teams should be heavily integrated with marketing,” Tuttle writes. “While marketing teams are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, it’s not often to the extent that they can effectively manage sophisticated pricing software or develop software integrations to feed real-time availability into ILS systems.”

Even with these advancements, Tuttle says email marketing can still yield strong conversion ratios. LMC’s e-blasts include virtual tours of its apartment communities from a Matterport camera.

Marketers must also avoid complacency by simply reviewing automated reports.

“Looking forward, I believe lead-nurturing campaigns will continue to become more robust,” Tuttle writes. “Bots and automation will become increasingly prevalent in managing leads, but in a more natural and humanlike way, to where prospects won’t even realize they’re talking to a bot. These advancements will give our prospective residents an even better customer experience. And they will be able to find the deep, detailed information they want at 3 a.m. rather than having to wait for office hours.”

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