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How to Reach Today’s Students (and Tomorrow’s Market-Rate Residents)

grassroots marketing

Digested from Multifamily Executive

When launching a new community Krisay writes that introducing a marketing brand can immerse students the community’s offerings and generate buzz.

Despite the thoughts of some, reaching today’s college students is not just about social media and digital marketing, writes Alexis Krisay for Multifamily Executive.

Krisay says grassroots marketing allows student housing operators to reach already established audiences and get in front of them through cross promotion and outreach.

“Sponsoring events within the community is another effective way to reach potential residents,” Krisay writes. “At these events, be sure to bring unique promotional items, such as portable chargers, fanny packs, tank tops and so on, to pique your demographics’ interest and keep your development top of mind when they’re ready to sign. One of the most important tools you can use at such gatherings is promo codes or tracking phone numbers, which enable you to track your community’s success. In addition, you can bring tablets to the events to collect contact information from leads on the spot.”

Today, digital marketing still plays a lead role in reaching Gen Z. Krisay cites a study showing that 85 percent of Gen Z learns about new products through social media and most them are online for 10 hours a day. She suggests using Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms.

“A cohesive digital strategy is one that hand-holds the prospect every step of the way, from the first click to the conversion to a form-fill or virtual lease,” Krisay writes. “It should guide students or parents to a social media ad related to a specific special, for example, where they will then be driven to a landing page on your website with more information to convert them on that special specifically. If they click through to the landing page and don’t convert to a lead right away, you can still have your ads follow them around on the Internet to influence their purchase.”

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