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How Much Would Classic TV Apartments Actually Cost?

The cast of TV's "Friends"

Digested from "What would these picture-perfect TV homes actually cost?" New York Post (5/6/16) Alberts, Hana

Could Monica from Friends really afford that huge West Village apartment? The New York Post took a close look at iconic TV apartments and home to determine how much these spaces would cost today.


Die-hard Friends fans know that Monica Geller's spacious two-bedroom in the heart of the West Village was under rent control when she took it over from her grandmother. While that apartment would have been cheaper during the '90s, today that apartment could easily go for $4,500 a month, mostly likely far out of the price range of Monica's chef salary and Rachel's waitress income.

How I Met Your Mother

At some points during the run of HIMYM, Ted and his girlfriend, Robin, as well as his best friend Marshall and Marshall's girlfriend, Lily, lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. Today, Citi Habitats says the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in that area is $2,875. Ted's apartment was probably a bit more spacious than a typical Manhattan apartment, but even with that added cost, the rent should have still been affordable to young professionals splitting it four ways.

The Big Bang Theory

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you're already familiar with Sheldon and Leonard, two of the main characters in this popular CBS sitcom. And in that case, you're familiar with their large two-bedroom apartment. Both men are scientists, so proximity to campus is important to them. Their real-life university is CalTech, in Pasadena, California. The Post searched Zillow for apartments in that area and found a three-bedroom house for $2,400 a month, and a one-bedroom apartment for $1,250, much more affordable than New York rents.

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