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How Marketers Can Gain More Insight into Visits

Google Ads

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

With Google Ads now tracking community visits, marketers can gain greater knowledge about where traffic is coming from.

Apartment marketers have long been trying to track where their leads are coming from. A recent move by Google may help them on this quest. The search engine is rolling out store visit conversions in Google Ads.

“Up until [now], apartment marketers have been able to attribute ad campaign success in Google Ads through website traffic, website events and phone calls,” Rebecca Reichert writes for Multifamily Insiders. “While these metrics do a great job of measuring the intent of searchers to visit a location, store visits allow communities to see how this online intent actually translates to foot traffic.”

To take advantage of Google store visits, Reichert writes, communities must have a Google My Business account set up for each location and 90 percent of their location links verified; use location extensions in Google Ads; have received thousands of ad clicks and impressions; and have enough foot traffic and pass user privacy thresholds.

If apartment communities meet these criteria, they have the potential to better attribute and optimize their Google Ads campaigns.

“Everything from ad copy, keyword targeting, location targeting and device targeting can be evaluated by how effective they are at generating foot traffic,” Reichert writes. “Once communities use this information to gain a better understanding of what drives foot traffic, they can reallocate their ad budgets and bidding strategies to hone in on the campaigns that generate the kind of results leasing teams are looking for.”

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