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How to Market Your Community to Baby Boomers

Community to Baby Boomers

Digested from “Are your listings reaching Baby Boomers?” (1/13/16) Robling, Jack

Baby boomers are renting by choice as they look to downsize from their existing residences, decrease maintenance responsibilities and enjoy new locations. Marketing campaigns targeting this demographic should highlight those interests by incorporating key buzzwords, presenting photos that show off impressive amenities, and promoting peaceful living environments.

Adjectives such as “clean,” “safe” and “quiet” are strong selling points for this generation, and imagery in marketing campaigns should complement those buzzwords. (Think tranquil pools and active fitness centers.) Resident reviews can also boost the perception of serenity, so incentivize new residents to share their impressions of their new apartment home online.

This generation, especially those 70 and older, has been steadily entering the rental market since 2000 and could eventually surpass young adults as the primary rental demographic.

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