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How to Manage Your Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Digested from Multi-Housing News

By responding in a timely manner, asking residents for reviews and minimizing negative reviews, apartment owners can master reputation management.

No one wants to deal with online reviews, but they are here to stay. That means apartment companies need to develop a plan to address them.

Step one is responding in a timely manner, according to Justin Cleary, writing for Multifamily Insiders. The response should be polite, address the criticism and empathize with the person making the complaint.
The next step is to ask residents to write reviews.

“You can also use online resident surveys [in addition to software systems] to ask for positive feedback as well as direct solicitation of your residents through flyers and snail mail,” Cleary writes.
Finally, there are ways to minimize negative reviews.

“To mitigate negative reviews, use something called negative review minimization,” Cleary writes. “This process centers on the creation and optimization of strategic content across all Web and social media channels to increase rankings of ‘positive review pages,’ thereby minimizing the impact of sites with negative reviews.”

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