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How the Leasing Team Influences Reviews

Leasing Team Influences Reviews

Digested from Property Management Minutes

By pointing out their favorite features during a tour, the leasing team can plant the seeds for positive reviews.

Effective leasing teams use the property tour as a vehicle for connecting with the residents and ultimately draw positive reviews from them after they move in.

“The phone greeting and closing make a lasting impression on our prospects,” Lori Hammond writes for Property Management Minutes. “An enthusiastic personalized greeting can make the difference whether the prospect will have enough interest to schedule a tour and honor the appointment.”

During the tour, the leasing agent can point to features, such as large walk-in closets or a great floorplan, which plants seeds in the mind of the resident who may write a positive review down the road.

“The focus of the tour is the prospect,” Hammond writes. “Their needs, their want list and their must-haves. But enhancing the features and benefits with personal endorsements will make an impression.”

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